Carrier Free-Standing Elegant Pro 5 HP Cool & Heat

  • Type: Floor-Standing AC
  • Capacity: 5 Horsepower
  • Functions: Cooling and Heating


Carrier Free-Standing Elegant Pro 5 HP Cool & Heat Specs:

Floor Standing AC
Capacity5 HP
Cooling and Heating
ColorElegant White
General Design
Modern, suitable for various decors
Unit Dimensions
80 cm Width × 79.5 cm Height × 32.5 cm Depth
Unit Weight51 kg
Power (Cooling)1600 Watts
Power (Heating)1750 Watts
Operating Current (Cooling)9.1 Amps
Operating Current (Heating)9.7 Amps
Cooling Efficiency (EER)3.44
Heating Efficiency (COP)3.2
Cooling Coverage Area50 sqm
Heating Coverage Area50 sqm
Sound Level (Cooling)42 dB
Sound Level (Heating)44 dB
Turbo Technology
Increases the speed of cooling or heating
Air Purifying FilterRemoves dust and bacteria from the air
Auto Restart FeatureRestarts the AC after a power outage
Low Noise Operation FeatureEnsures quiet operation for peaceful sleep


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