About Us

About Us

Outstanding expertise and participation in monumental projects in Egypt.

We take pride in being a leading company in HVAC, central air conditioning, ventilation, fire alarm, and firefighting works. Our track record and our participation in monumental projects in Egypt are a source of pride, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our team since 2003. We have always strived to deliver innovation to our clients.

We specialize in the supply, installation, and maintenance of all HVAC and ventilation system equipment. Our extensive experience is a testament to our success, covering various fields and providing us with a strong knowledge base that sets us apart from others. The main and most important advantage we offer to our clients is our track record.

More than 22 years of experience

Our service

Get the best air conditioning and maintenance services

Get the best air conditioning and maintenance services from El Dawlia Group. We guarantee that your AC system will continue to operate efficiently all year round

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Our mission

We select partners who are capable of achieving the company’s goals, which include professionalism and respect for customers. We prioritize our team by regularly providing them with the latest resources and technologies that contribute to meeting customer desires. We take pride in offering full technical support to our clients before and during implementation

Our vision

We cater to the diverse needs of our clients in various sectors and projects. Our company’s approach focuses on a commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers, not settling for ‘good’ but striving for ‘excellent,’ and not settling for ‘excellent’ but aiming to be the best. We provide continuous and ongoing support to our corporate partners, with a team that offers commercial, technical, experiential, financial, and social support

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