Innovators in concealed air cooling technology

We bring comfort into your home - a unique experience

Invaluable protection with superior craftsmanship

An advanced fire alarm system ensures the safety of your home in the heart of the Kingdom. From Barzona International Company.

Defending property and lives

With a firefighting system facing infrastructure challenges, We protect very efficiently

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About the company

Distinctive experience and participation in giant projects in Egypt

We are proud that Al-Dawlia is a leading company in air conditioning, central air conditioning, ventilation, alarm and fire-fighting works, in addition to our previous work and being part of giant projects in Egypt thanks to the sincere efforts of our sons, the company’s work team since 2003, and our keenness to provide the new to our customers.
We specialize in supplying, installing and maintaining all devices and equipment for air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our experience can be relied upon. The balance of our successes and experience in the field of air conditioning, which covers all fields, guarantees strong knowledge that distinguishes us from others…. The advantage we have with our clients is our primary and most important asset

More than 22 years of experience

Our service

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Fire fighting system

We implement all types of fire fighting systems (pumps, sprinklers, Tanks and fire cabins, gas system, Foam system. co2 system, etc.)

Air ducts

International has experience in providing designs, purchasing, manufacturing and installation of types of air ducts

Fire alarm system

We supply all requirements for fire alarm systems, We also study and design acoustic fire alarm systems

Concealed air conditioning units.

They are ideal units for installation in new buildings or renovation projects in existing buildings. It is designed for small air conditioning systems

Air outlets (grilles).

The company manufactures and installs different shapes of air outlets that conform to the technical specifications in different shapes and colors.


These systems provide a flexible, energy-efficient solution for commercial and residential applications

Our service

Get the best air conditioning and maintenance services

Get the best air conditioning and maintenance services from Al Dawlia Company. We guarantee that your air conditioner will remain working efficiently all year round.

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Why choose our services?

Choosing our services is an obvious and smart choice. We offer you a unique set of services characterized by the high quality and professionalism necessary to meet your needs. With our extensive experience in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation and security systems, We always strive to provide the best to our customers. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or customized solutions, Our qualified and specialized team is ready to serve you with superior efficiency and professionalism.

Air ducts 95%
Fire alarm system 90%
Firefighting system 93%
Concealed air conditioning units. 97%


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